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Double Masterpiece

by Le Roy

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I see, nothing but rainbows nothing but rainbows up ahead LE ROY! LE ROY! LE ROY! I see, nothing but blue skies nothing but blue skies up ahead LE ROY! LE ROY! LE ROY! I see, nothing but rainbows nothing but rainbows once again LE ROY! LE ROY! LE ROY!
Chubby 02:55
[Bearclaw] The ladies they love me Because I am Comedically chubby Feed me chocolate cake When you kiss me and hug me My name is Seanye West And I am here to say I can hardly even spell But I get by my way I love lasagna I could eat it every day That’s: L A Z O N... (How do you spell lasagna?) Dungeons and Dragons in the 309 The only double D’s I like Has got a 20 sided die Got a blue morphling I’ll sick on you I am a level 60 You’re a level 2 It’s not a fight it’s a beating Hopefully mom’s basement Has got enough seating I’ll be sitting back drinkin’ Mountain Dew Brian’s bringing Nachos (they’re super nachos dude) [ZILLA] Alright, those nachos look good, But I was wondering if I could get some of that lasagna… It’s got turkey and noodles and all that, alright, damn... I am the NBFzilla and I am taking over Tokyo Explode on the mic With my molten white hot dragon flow Kettle drums Kettle corn Make that ass clap I drink down, two milk shakes Every time I rap The first makes me strong and the second makes me smarter I brush my teeth afterwards To get rid of tartar Mentadent advanced whitening To keep my teeth be gleamin’ Captain Jean Luc Picard By the way I be beamin’ Beam me up Scotty cuz you know I like to party I am a Nintendo WiI Black Belt With nun chuck karate Kick Punch/Kick Punch I am heating up like a welder Kick Punch/Kick Punch I swing the master sword in Zelda I am the tortoise You’re the hare And you could never beat this If you get too fat Then you can’t see your penis [Nasty Nate] Well, I mean, I can see my penis. [ZILLA] Yeah, I mean, I can see my penis too, it's just that uhh.. [Bearclaw] I can uhh... [Nasty Nate] Call me nasty Nate I'm deliciously yours I’ll be the Indonesian mud volcano You can be the shoe store You can lower Cement boulders into mud crack You won’t stop me , watch me go Never stop my mud show It's that time of month I've got my heavy flow Stuck in my mud and (Where did your house go?) Mmmm Slutty gluttony When I want you above me I smell like man candy When you rub me Hope you're not hungry Cuz I ate all your breakfasts If you need to get filled You can borrow my fists It feels good When you feed so slowly If Brian's still got nachos I'll be needing guacamole I'll be finding all of your holes Like in Shia LaBeouf's best movie You could give me a breast exam I could call you Doogie Comedically chubby Is what I aim to be Cuz then all the girls Would aim to be with me Since you’re bending over You won’t see As soon as I get it in your butt I'm gonna pee
[Zilla] Now it's a hot night I’ve been sweating ass off It must have just rained Cuz it's steamin on the blacktop I am riding to this party That I think is on a roof top It’s b-y-o-b So first I got to stop Get some limes and some tonic Some gin and some ice Decide to stop at Jewel Cuz they got the best price I grab that still warm receipt And the many printed coupons For fifty percent Off some lightly seasoned croutons The clicking of my bike chain I am back in the bike line Coast up to the party My crew is sippin’ on Night Train I lock up my ride I chip some paint off the fence Once the EL passes by I hear them playing Common Sense Run up three flights And I'm nearly out of breath outta breath Take a puff of my inhaler Tell the host that I'm with Meredith Christmas lights, cold drinks Some girls who are pretty All my friends on a roof That’s just summer in the city [Bearclaw] Wake up to my alarm At 10:42 The Cubs play at one So I ain't got shit to do I grab my Kryptonite lock Put on my drinking shoes Hammered cycling in the city Calls to bring your own booze Eating Thai at Cozy Noodle Split a case of 3 1 2 Hanging out on the patio With spicy pad-see-ew Now we’re heading to the beach drunk Cruising through the stop signs Traffic rules don’t apply When you ride in straight lines Oh, for Christ’s sake Pull the trigger on the front brake It's a sexy girl cattle call And I’m hungry for some rump steak Grab some Choco Tacos Drip that shit all on my shirt Text a picture of the skyline To friends stuck at work So many hot girls around Something smells fishy It’s not Asian carp But it’s something warm and squishy Grill smoke, lake breeze, And girls that are pretty All my friends are at the beach And that’s just summer in the city [Nasty Nate] When you talk about a hot town Well chi-town is my town Roll on two wheels to the lake To cool down Fingers crossed tight that the flag is green Cuz I’ve been Rolling in the waves with bikini clad babes Like you've never seen You’ll see with me That bikini clad busts are a must for me But trust me Less is always best when there’s a chest to see And have you seen the bean? Can I see your bean I’m talking cloud gate I’m talkin’ bean-stalkin’ And girl I can’t wait Let's have a barbecue Oh girl just me and you And with you on top - the fun won't stop - I promise not to pop ‘Til you taste my corn cob And in the water you might call out “marco pollo” But my trunks have stripes call me Han Solo Get you undressed in under a parasec - It's my personal best - and I hope we don’t wreck Have you seen my wookie? Come spend the summer with us Just kicking up dust, in my Millennium Falcon Been to Naboo, Hoth and Dagobah too Not looking for love, just wanting some nookie Back at the lake Make no mistake When I take off my shirt You wont think I’m He-man But if you want it long and you want it strong Pull out my ding-dong When the swimmers have gone Show you my seaman Beach sex on beach towels With girls who are pretty You say the force seems strong with me But that’s just summer in the city
Minky 02:14
[Bearclaw] You're invited to a party That’s in a bubble bath Your pubes are colored Like the hair of Mark McGrath When you queef It reminds me of "Back Draft" Here's an Oscar Didn’t know roast beef could act Sure my penis is The size of a thumbtack But that doesn't mean That it won't attack It's sure to slap your face When you get wack So back off ladies While I cut up this track [Nasty Nate] Let's hit some chron chron And sip that Bacardi With all this hot roast beef I must be up at Hardee's I want those curly fries With them pretty eyes And I am gettin' biggie sized In between your thighs I want that ass Upon my stache Sorry when I eat that shit I gotta dine and dash Lick those Jell-O Jigglers They say “there’s always room” I am like an astronomer I’d like to see the moon [Zilla] So, who all wants to have A hotel party? Roll up in a DeLorean Like McFly, Marty The only one touching on My Flux Capacitor Best be an official Pussy ambassador One point twenty one Fuckin’ gigawatts Hitting all them Money hungry gold digger-twats Whirlpool - hot tub Water jets blastin’ Talkin’ skinny dippin’ Gotta get your ass in [Bearclaw] And if that ass Isn't coated with fur I am growin' a solution Cuz it's hot in here Hit it with my fleshy mink Where it stinks Have her drippin' drops Like the damn kitchen sink Things get messy I still can't complain though Drillin' fly bitches When I am flowin' like Drano Call me Robin Leach Cuz I only want the best Fast cars, caviar, Big boobies on your chest [Zilla] Girl, I like your jeans, But it’s like I always said They’d be looking better At the foot of my bed When I sport the stache All the girlies just go nuts I got them all thinking that “It’s time to make the donuts” And if you want to sneak a touch Go on and be a thief Be a meat inspector and tell me “Where’s the beef?” Where's the beef yo? Where’s the beef at? Yo where’s the beef at? We gotta find that beef I wanna know, I wanna I wanna a Quarter Pounder with cheese You can uhh get a sesame seed bun And find that meat for me
Cara 01:28
[Bearclaw] Cara is a slut She likes it in the butt She told me just the other day When she was sucking on nuts [Zilla] She sucked off fifty guys The jizz got in her eyes I told a joke She laughed so hard She laughed until she cried [Nasty Nate] She met Hugo twice He tossed her salad nice Now Cara isn't the Cleanest girl so His tongue paid the price [Bearclaw] He didn’t even care Licking her butt hair Flossed his teeth With a strand When he was down there BREAK [Zilla] She went to a ball uptown She couldn't keep on her gown She sucked and pulled On all their wood And they had to hose her down [Nasty Nate] She ain’t livin’on the street Trying to get some cash She’s a lot like you or me Trying to get that ass [Bearclaw] They say nobody’s perfect And she ain’t no perfect lady They say she’s very giving But I wonder what she gave me? [Zilla] I went to the clinic Said they could fix my error Take two of these a day And stay away from Cara
Smile 03:41
[Zilla] One and two and three and four I've gotta smile every time That I leave the door I got six text messages On my new iPhone At least ten messages From girlies on my dome I am buying juice and I am walking down the isles Girlies girlies girlies For my speed dials I can T9 you On S M S Or maybe sixty-nine you In the diary chest Or if that don't work Come visit me at my place You can send n00dz I got two accounts on myspace dot com on the internet I've never come on my TV set So if you come to me Asking about my stable I am in my middle twenties And I am willing and I am able When you say stable You're talking bout a girlfriend I am talking about a stable Of girlies that I am working [Nasty Nate] Girl you look good You're cute young and reckless You want to come over I could cum you a necklace I put on Daft Punk And look into your eyes I know I've got the green light When you pull your panties to the side But you can't start moaning When I'm drilling you deep Cuz my roommate's my sister And my sister's asleep I like your vertical smile But no pounding at my place You need help keeping quiet? I could sit down on your face And if you've got a cough Got something better than Halls Just lean back I'll let you gargle my balls That's not Vicks on your chest girl That's just my wet spot You'll need more than towel Let me get you a sponge mop My room is something special Set up just like a tent fort I crawl in with flashlights In search of your meat port It's like flying a plane But I never learned to land I might make a mess But my dick's still on demand, oh! [Bearclaw] When I see your smile I think I've found my love Here’s a one night membership To the nine foot high club So when you climb my latter And drink my baby batter I'll be fucking your black holes Like my dick was dark matter Gettin' nasty and wild Fucking in my bunk bed MJ on the poster wall Tongue out straight up dunkin’ You know I can’t help The way my smile shines My braces made of metal My blood stream full of wine So let me put my braces In your nasty places Remember that ass But I am bad with faces Jim Henson is my hero Cool as absolute zero I put my fist in your ass And let my beard grow My whole body is hairy Unlike Zac Efron's Vanessa Hudgens' nudes Drained my vas deferens Been told my whole life Not to procrastinate So why apologize When I ejaculate?
[Zilla] Girl, you know that I really love burritos I swear that every day I bet that I could eat those Some like tacos And some like taquitos I spend all my money on hoes And burritos I put two limes in my coke And sometimes rum Every time I eat burritos I am ready to have some fun Have 'um lay down the sauce Just like in a flood Not too hot I don't wanna shit blood I also a penchant For pico de gallo Because every other day Is Cinco de Mayo Cheese and sour cream? You must be jokin' I am the lord of that shit Like J. R. R. Tolkien Smother that burrito In some of that white stuff I am Donnie Wahlberg I always got right stuff Oh OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH The Black Beans Burr-itos......... Spending all my time and spending all my money Burr-itos Cuz in Mexico It's always sunny This is a song of love And I must confess When eat Mexican I've got no stress This isn't a contest And I won't best ya Mix the margaritas And let's have a fiesta Robots don't eat burritos It messes up all their gears But in a hundred years They'll confirm our fears: That they might take And eat our burritos I pray to Bill Gates "Oh, please, hell no" [Nasty Nate] I've got a Roomba And it can eat anything I feed it burritos But go light on the sour cream Dress him up like R2 Got a slot for sabers Used Jedi mind tricks To land Tammy Fae Baker It didn't work out She liked God not my Roomba But she still topped my mushroom Bounced her head like a goomba I ate tacos with Yoshi And he spit out fire ghosts I felt the same way That night my toilet's toast Drunk on burritos And I'm looking to fuck now But the bricks turned to coins When I hit it like a pow Went in search of the Princess She wasn't on her throne So bounced a Koopa Troopa then I gotta use the warp zone Stuck in the warp tube Like burrito blood clots Si, me gusta burritos but No me gustan ROBOTS! The sour cream! Burr-itos......... Spending all my time and spending all my money Burr-itos... Cuz in Mexico it's always sunny [Bearclaw] Went to taco bell Middle of July Came for a Crunch wrap Got a DUI Broke outta jail Everybody was gone Big mistake robots You just pissed off Sean The only humans left Are the ones you've made your slaves So I'll fight you with burritos To avenge my loved ones graves Killing Circuit boards With shredded lettuce I use Chipotle burritos As my Berettas You wonder "What is love?" A fucking two pound Burrito You think "no it's not!" Well it is to me though Your laser beam stares Try to mask what you're thinking But your gears are clogged And your red light is blinking It's Tecate time So let's pop some bottles I killed all the robots But pardoned the pleasure models whoaaaaa, oh Fuck Mexican places with no free chips! Burr-itos... I love that spicy cheese that's really runny Burr-itos... Cuz in Mexico it's always sunny
[Zilla] I want to see your boobies They’re like snow flakes No two are the same I want to see your boobies Bang them like bells Let freedom ring Big boobies Small boobies I like all boobies I don’t like cooties But I am willing to risk it I don’t care for this Over that tit I like how it jiggles When you smack it Circle dot dot Now I got my cooties shot I got prescriptions and missions To see your nipple dot Your boobs are neat Your boobs are neat I want to bang um around And touch them with my feet
Skanksgiving 02:51
Start raising that beat Just like a soufflé We came to rock it out In a old school way Here’s a little story About a brand new day Founded by Nasty Nate, me And Seanye Now we got the beat We got the rhymes Start stamping on your feet And we’ll hit it on time Hip hip hooray And tip up your cup To all the fly ladies That like to give it up We know what we like And this is our thanks It’s a brand new holiday For all the skanks [Chorus] Happy Skanksgiving It’s how a make a livin’ Pushing your buttons Just like a television Fuck you very much I’d like to sneak a touch And open your blouse Like a china hutch [ZILLA] Schools on break It’s Skanksgivng time Let’s make some beats And perfect our rhymes Eat some meats Drink some wines Slam some girls with fine behinds [Bearclaw] Eat that meat and drink our juices We don’t mind if you are toothless Let’s pull a train on your cabooses This celebration is fucking ruthless [Nasty Nate] Oh shit girl - you’re gonna be stuffed But if this is love then it’s gonna be tough Train like a marathon, prepare that muff Cuz this Skanksgiving is going to be rough [Zilla] Be wearin’ sweatbands and Be stretchin’ that shit Don’t want a cramp When I am wrecking it Put a condom on my dick That’s just like a zeppelin Pops, then blows, Sends bitches to heaven [Bearclaw] I like my hoes like the Mighty Ducks When I am watchin’ that shit I’m ready to fuck If my penis is Charlie My balls: the Flying V Three condoms on my dick Means I’m the triple deak If your snatch is Goldburg Then it’s easy to see That I’ve got plenty Of pussy to feed Trust me girl There’s gonna be a sequel Every Skanksgiving till you’re old a feeble [Le Roy] As long as you hold my dick Like a hockey stick Want my milk And mix it with Quik Drink my load Until you get sick Or pull it out Before the picnic Ya got Houdini With the spit trick Or protein eye patch Just like Slick Rick Doesn’t matter How you mix it It’s Skanksgiving And it’s time we hit it [Chorus] Happy Skanksgiving It’s how a make a livin’ Pushing your buttons Just like a television Fuck you very much I’d like to sneak a touch And open your blouse Like a china hutch [Zilla] It’s Skanksgiving Don’t take off work You got two Christmas hams Right down your skirt If you got a man I ain’t meaning to flirt But how about a slice For my dessert? [Nasty Nate] Tis the season To harvest my seeds And I understand That you got needs I don’t mean to beg But come girl please You’re making me large Like redwood trees [Bearclaw] So, let’s just see what The main course brings I’m carving the bird And I’ll eat your wings If you get the gravy On my drum stick I’ll call for the cool whip And make you come quick Pumpkin Pie I’ll pump that pie Have a sleep over From Shanghai Tub of cranberries I’d love to try It’ll hurt so good Just don’t as why [Zilla] Pocahontas Gave thanks for wampum I give thanks For the Trojan condom Prayin’ at the table Looking at them rolls “Please don’t let my boys Get through them holes”
Like This 01:45
Hey baby Don’t playa hate Hey baby Just urinate Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss You look so fine And oh so lovely I’ll get you nice things And buy you nice bubbly I’ll spend my cash Without a care But what I really want Is in your underwear Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss Girl you touch me In that special way But I got some things That I got to say Girl I really love you heart and soul But the part I love the most Is your pee hole Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss I think you’re all that And a bag of chips I am so ice cold I can see your nips So open your legs Like a can of Pringles I want to kiss you Where - you tinkle Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss Running through my head You got me up all night I am all rev’ed up And blinded by the light Brighter than the stars in outer space I want my lips On your private place Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss Like this, like this I want to kiss you where you piss We’ve known each other For a good long while And in the summertime You always smile Cupid’s arrow/must have cursed me Can I sip your lemonade? (You’re making thirsty)
I need a hot ass chick That’s funny as hell And I can trust with The password to my gmail I just can't be be giving That shit out to anyone Trust the security Behind my Pentium Mix that drink with Some gin and tonic I am collecting gold metals Like Tails and Sonic I can rap real fine I can rap real fast And I am like The Professor I got so much class We got our own beats But mix different flavors Rebuild the tracks Like my man Lee Majors 70's man Worth six million dollars And we're the rap team Worth six million hollas You know how we do it And you know how it's done We're sweet and sticky Like fuckin' a Cinnabon Drippin', droppin' So sweet, unstoppin' Hot and moist And you know we be moppin' Just like the old days When we had paydays Lettuce and mayonnaise For the sweet ladies Still got the hoagies And you can still eat it Act like Michael Jackson As if I just said 'beat it' Snap back to the eighties When there was Full House Danny, the girls, Joey And a dead spouse So sit back Have a drink if you are thirsty Like Uncle Jessie said "Have Mercy" Three minute song Three minute song Give me a young ass chick That’s stupid as hell And can deal with the fact That I can’t spell Must be really easy Super boss and cheap Baby I think I am pregnant 'Bout to do a Quantum Leap Can’t share family packs Extra coleslaw Gotta drink a Diet Coke And wash it down with a Bearclaw I know you feel bad So many bears pawless I love to see my friend’s Little sister’s brawless Just Like The Cubs You know I'll let you down Be gone in 30 seconds If that ass is round Pink wet and stinky Just like a salmon Take off those panties If that ass is slammin’ We’ll it’s 7 o’clock TGIF Laughing so hard That I am losing my breath Family Matters And Step by Step Nothin’s cooler than that Except Johnny Depp The Thigh Master lady's Screaming out all night Cody and the kids Hope that she’s alright Patrick Duffy Come on and love me Pull it out Give me a cummy tummy Thirty minutes later And we’re at the Winslow’s Carl’s upset as Steve’s flyin’ through windows Pants to his nipples Jet pack on his back Jerked off in Laura’s sneakers "Did I do that?" Three minute song Three minute song Give me that cool ass girl Who can sit for a while Sing along to every song That makes me smile You know she can't be caring Where all the cash goes CD's tapes and records That's where all my cash flows Riding our bikes Don't start stammerin’ Or you'll be Left Behind Just like Kirk Cameron Getting Growing Pains Round every corner You're like the Seavers To my Boner We're out on the streets We give different favors We're tossing this salad Bring some life savers Eleven pieces Five different flavors We call ourselves Le Roy But you can call us your saviors We're like a rock The right shape for your garden About the size of your palm So smooth and hard in Flippin' floppin' My meat's not stoppin' Better not be droppin’ Til I'm done with the shoppin' Run home slow Walk around in no clothes Don't need a TV I youtube all my shows Blog about my day I got a video diary I'm kind of like Blossom That's why they admire me Some of the best cameos Were in her famous fantasies My favorite fantasies Include Blossom in panties Mom left town That’s what started this show All Joey had to say was "Whoa!" Three minute song Three minute song
I am drinking with the hobos I am drinking with the hobos I am drinking with the hobos I am drinking with the hobos [Zilla] Chillin’ with the hobos Drinking by the bridge Big canned Miller's Gonna give me liquid shits Looking for the law But they all missed me Getting messed up For a dollar and fifty They can’t sell 40's But how bout Some eight ounce cans Then thirty two So I am the fucked up man Now I am a drunk mess I just got a drunk text Quarters for rubbers Means I am ready for drunk sex Crossing my fingers That you're cleaner than the laundry Spent three dollars Poppin' bottles of Andre I got all these bubbles All these bubbles is bubbling up All these bubbles All these bubbles that’s up in and in my cup Now riding the rails Ain't as easy as it seems When you got champagne wishes And caviar dreams So pour another drink Cuz I'm feelin' great And about to pass the mic To my good friend Nate [Nasty Nate] NBF said it So I don't know what to say I want to fuck too So how 'bout a three way Chili mac in a bowl Steaming in the moonlight Empties under rocks Gotta keep em out of sight Archaeologists will find them Dig 'em up right Put our cans behind glass And they'll study us tonight Let's brush our teeth At the 7-Eleven On our backs On my raft Like on a cloud This is heaven We might seem wild But we'll try to mind our manors Surrounded by more bitches Than Mr. Danny Tanner This House is Full And it's time to start the party We'll stay up all night And in the morning grab some coffee Some like decaf Others like regular The word on the street is Your pussy's triangular Here at Sound and Vision Is cool as coleslaw Here to heat it up It's my old friend Bearclaw [Bearclaw] Pop goes the top To another 40 Now I'm four deep And the night's at warp-speed Try to talk to girls But they just ignore me Sneak in my house Can't see like Geordi King Cobra's venom is Running through my veins Shards of glass in my dick Cuz I tried to fuck a window pain With time to reflect On my tore up erection mom was right: I love myself I tried to fucked my reflection Spilling drinks on boobs Is my forte Like fucking hockey moms is to Coach Bombay *Quack* Ducks fly together or so i've been told so i'll knuckle-puck you ladies and then go for the gold When we fuck when I'm drunk it's skin-a-max scrambled I'm like a drunk driver Leave your pussy in shambles I am drinking with the hobos I am drinking with the hobos
Moline 03:49
[All] It’s as tough as fuck Living in Moline Cuz the streets are paved And the grass is green Winters get cold We got flu vaccine Must have been this life That made me so mean [Nasty Nate] It is Middle America At it’s very best I'm talkin’ argyle sweaters Not a bullet proof vest Hit up other cities And I put ‘um to the test But who’s the ice cream capital Of the whole Mid-West? [Zilla] Roll around town In my new Ford Focus It’s so understated That I've got to expose this My rhymes are on time Rhymes so Swiss And we drop more beats Than Adolph's got chips [Bearclaw] On city report card We’d got a C plus Just above average Is how you see us Hy-Vee is meth free In god we trust Never been a drug dealer Cuz don’t move dust [Nasty Nate] Teen binge drinking We broke the top ten And we wouldn't be surprised If we did it again You get a thirty pack For $9.99 Party in the woods with Franzia boxed Wine [Bearclaw] PTA moms Form in the masses Girls eat Whitey's And they get fat asses Two area codes Interstate calls Orange Julius We've got two malls [Zilla] People talk shit and Forget where from they came Get a brand new life And a brand new name I've been moving' on up But I know where I am from Home of John Deere And all of what I’ve become [All] L to the E R to the O Y This Q C upbringing is What makes us so fly You’d think we’re suburban Because we’re so underground Mad love to Chi-Tizzle But we’re from the Mo-Town [Nasty Nate] England has Peel Austin’s South by Southwest But we've got Daytrotter And you know it's the best We always went to Lazer Mansion For the underground shows With kids from the future They got inside out clothes Straight sweating bullets Takin' on these hills Riding my bike Through the city of mills I got boats in both rivers And I live in the valley Always party at my house Or at the park across the alley [Bearclaw] Call us Quad Cities Think we need a new tally Got at least five or six here Check with Rand McNally When you cross our friends You'll get ding dong ditched We all smashed mail boxes Till Jeremy Saunders snitched [All] When i see you in the drop top Want to hit it on the dot H 2 O - in balloons Ready for the sling shot Lean back Got it cocked Let it rip You got rocked Soaking wet Don't act shocked Got five more - I'm fully stocked [Bearclaw] Buying burger baskets At Bent River Pints so cold They make my ass shiver So on hot summer nights I over work my liver Cuz their regular customers Look just like The Giver [Zilla] Now at the Hardee's classic We'd shoot 12 under And there is no other like The Quad City Thunder They say it’s not over till The fat lady sings And you never really know What the new year brings Cooler than the polar bear At the Holiday Inn Jumping' off the waterfall Into the pool where we swim I don't know where we're going But I know where we've been And we can always come back To this town that we're in [All] It’s as tough as fuck Living in Moline Cuz the streets are paved And the grass is green L to the E R to the O Y This QC up bringing's what makes us so fly New school flavor With an old school sound And the last ILL exit is Where we came to get down Banging 808 with a Synthesized style Helpful smile In every isle [Bearclaw] We’re like Blazin’ Hazen And Girls Gone Wild Didn't come to battle rap Cuz we’re not hostile We've come a long way From the sandwich shop But that’s where we got all This shit to pop [Nasty Nate] We were building the dinners And we were building the team They closed down the store But now we’re living the dream Nobody came to eat But we got paid to rap Told it to the crew And we got toes to tap [Zilla] Seanye came with his skills From System Had a book of raps and He brought it with him So we come packing with A ton of munition to get you Blinded by the light Like an eye condition [Bearclaw] When we started out Never said it’d be easy Nasty said that We got to take things sleazy The SA-21 It's Original Nintendo's Zilla's mixing beats With sexy innuendos [Nasty Nate] We've been across the world And across the nation From Kansas City to union station First Moline Then down to Champaign Now up in Chicago Still spitting' rap game [Zilla] Once you leave home You can always come back So I am making mad money And a fat ass stack Being professional Keep my raps on the down low But I got friends in my home town so [All] It's tough as fuck livin' In Moline cuz the streets Are paved and the grass is green L to the E R to the O Y This QC up bringing's what makes us so fly
[Zilla] I don't know who my boss is I told a spider who Kate Moss is This shit is flawless I gave Lou Dobbs SIDS Shave my balls cuz I'm adopted Pet your cat if she's claw less You should name her Lucy Lawless I told you this shit is flawless Can't dunk over tall kids Take the time to pee in ball pits Lost in John Locke's tits Fuckin' molten rock schist Millionaires eat Ritz Bustin' nuts like Fritz Hall and Oates best hits Double disks - flawless! Triple tri-fold wallets-Wallets Triple tri-fold wallets-Wallets Velcro tri-fold wallets-Wallets Wallets, Wallets [Nasty Nate] Take my bike on day trips Feed me bed and breakfasts Got the laptop for the eclipse Feed my dick some nip slips I know a guy with two dicks Holds a sign says "no fat chicks" Getting snakebites pop your back zits YouTube keyword "cute cat clips" Triplet miscarriage hat tricks Knit this sweater but it misfits Mmm that shit fits Hit it with my dick mist Backflips till my nut sack rips Jerking off to .gifs Surely Harmless My pilot harness Smell my armpits Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets Velcro Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets Wallets, Wallets [Bearclaw] Got a croissant sandwich With potatoes converted to chips Gazpacho between your two hips All between your two lips I love buffets at banquets Pot bellies Kankles Fat wrists Lady fingers with two dips I like all the kinds Of cool whips Insulin pin pricks Died twice like Nikki Sixx Sausage links - waffle sticks Broken Chain - Stevie Nicks Batter for the cake fix Snorting powered cake mix Dick Blick's dick pics Banana splits Shitting bricks! Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets Velcro Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets Wallets, Wallets [BABY GAGA] Bacon Bits and cheesy grits Eat this till my shoes don't fits That don't fits? Lick my pits I insist fits will fits We subsist on lava pits Burrito shits and cummy tits Baseball mitts and Stella skits Worn out wrists and breast milk hits


14 Tracks in total. Complete album online for a 10/18 release. Recorded in Moline, IL at Sound and Vision Summer 2011. Contains explicit lyrics. Le Roy is Bearclaw, Zilla, Nasty Nat and Baby Gaga.


released October 18, 2011

Recorded by Ray Malone, Jon Burns, and Chad Gooch. All songs written and performed by Le Roy except; "Le Roy" words by Oliva D. and music by Mitch Monson, "Chubby" music by Brian Speer. Cover art by Ryan Veach. Additional musicians: Tim Garvis - Bass on Minky, Guitar on Hobos. Ray Malone - Drums on Hobos, Various Synths and Sounds throughout. Additional Voices; Brian Speer, Kelly Quinn, Evan Nelson, Tim Garvis, Mike Segura, Jon Burns, Dennis Hockaday, Nic Anderson, Chad Gooch, Jon Blanc, Conza Borders, Lucie VanHecke, Casey VanHecke, and Alie Miceli.




Le Roy Chicago, Illinois

Le Roy (luh-ROY) is comprised of Zilla, Seanye “Bearclaw” West, and Nasty Nate. The troupe spreads their brand of nerdy and dirty rap from Chicago and at rock shows, radio hours, comedy nights, and house parties. Once described as "The White Run DMC” by Chicago Comedian Big Keef, Le Roy mixes old school flavors with a mash-up of 808 beats, pop-culture references and avant-garde lyrics. ... more

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