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from Double Masterpiece by Le Roy



Track 2 of Double Masterpiece


The ladies they love me
Because I am Comedically chubby
Feed me chocolate cake
When you kiss me and hug me
My name is Seanye West
And I am here to say
I can hardly even spell
But I get by my way
I love lasagna
I could eat it every day
That’s: L A Z O N...
(How do you spell lasagna?)
Dungeons and Dragons
in the 309
The only double D’s I like
Has got a 20 sided die
Got a blue morphling
I’ll sick on you
I am a level 60
You’re a level 2
It’s not a fight it’s a beating
Hopefully mom’s basement
Has got enough seating
I’ll be sitting back drinkin’ Mountain Dew
Brian’s bringing Nachos
(they’re super nachos dude)

Alright, those nachos look good,
But I was wondering if I could get some of that lasagna…
It’s got turkey and noodles and all that, alright, damn...

I am the NBFzilla and I am taking over Tokyo
Explode on the mic
With my molten white hot dragon flow
Kettle drums
Kettle corn
Make that ass clap
I drink down, two milk shakes
Every time I rap
The first makes me strong
and the second makes me smarter
I brush my teeth afterwards
To get rid of tartar
Mentadent advanced whitening
To keep my teeth be gleamin’
Captain Jean Luc Picard
By the way I be beamin’
Beam me up Scotty
cuz you know I like to party
I am a Nintendo WiI Black Belt
With nun chuck karate
Kick Punch/Kick Punch
I am heating up like a welder
Kick Punch/Kick Punch
I swing the master sword in Zelda
I am the tortoise
You’re the hare
And you could never beat this
If you get too fat
Then you can’t see your penis

[Nasty Nate]
Well, I mean, I can see my penis.

Yeah, I mean, I can see my penis too, it's just that uhh..

I can uhh...

[Nasty Nate]
Call me nasty Nate
I'm deliciously yours
I’ll be the Indonesian mud volcano
You can be the shoe store
You can lower
Cement boulders into mud crack
You won’t stop me , watch me go
Never stop my mud show
It's that time of month
I've got my heavy flow
Stuck in my mud and
(Where did your house go?)
Mmmm Slutty gluttony
When I want you above me
I smell like man candy
When you rub me
Hope you're not hungry
Cuz I ate all your breakfasts
If you need to get filled
You can borrow my fists
It feels good
When you feed so slowly
If Brian's still got nachos
I'll be needing guacamole
I'll be finding all of your holes
Like in Shia LaBeouf's best movie
You could give me a breast exam
I could call you Doogie
Comedically chubby
Is what I aim to be
Cuz then all the girls
Would aim to be with me
Since you’re bending over
You won’t see
As soon as I get it in your butt
I'm gonna pee


from Double Masterpiece, released October 18, 2011
Produced by Brian Speer and Le Roy




Le Roy Chicago, Illinois

Le Roy (luh-ROY) is comprised of Zilla, Seanye “Bearclaw” West, and Nasty Nate. The troupe spreads their brand of nerdy and dirty rap from Chicago and at rock shows, radio hours, comedy nights, and house parties. Once described as "The White Run DMC” by Chicago Comedian Big Keef, Le Roy mixes old school flavors with a mash-up of 808 beats, pop-culture references and avant-garde lyrics. ... more

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