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from Double Masterpiece by Le Roy



"We're Le Roy and we're from Moline Illinois." This is the phrase that opens most of Le Roy's live shows. "Moline" is an exploration of the food, drink, people and places that make Le Roy's hometown home.


It’s as tough as fuck
Living in Moline
Cuz the streets are paved
And the grass is green

Winters get cold
We got flu vaccine
Must have been this life
That made me so mean

[Nasty Nate]
It is Middle America
At it’s very best
I'm talkin’ argyle sweaters
Not a bullet proof vest

Hit up other cities
And I put ‘um to the test
But who’s the ice cream capital
Of the whole Mid-West?

Roll around town
In my new Ford Focus
It’s so understated
That I've got to expose this

My rhymes are on time
Rhymes so Swiss
And we drop more beats
Than Adolph's got chips

On city report card
We’d got a C plus
Just above average
Is how you see us

Hy-Vee is meth free
In god we trust
Never been a drug dealer
Cuz don’t move dust

[Nasty Nate]
Teen binge drinking
We broke the top ten
And we wouldn't be surprised
If we did it again

You get a thirty pack
For $9.99
Party in the woods with
Franzia boxed Wine

PTA moms
Form in the masses
Girls eat Whitey's
And they get fat asses

Two area codes
Interstate calls
Orange Julius
We've got two malls

People talk shit and
Forget where from they came
Get a brand new life
And a brand new name

I've been moving' on up
But I know where I am from
Home of John Deere
And all of what I’ve become

L to the E
R to the O Y
This Q C upbringing is
What makes us so fly

You’d think we’re suburban
Because we’re so underground
Mad love to Chi-Tizzle
But we’re from the Mo-Town

[Nasty Nate]
England has Peel
Austin’s South by Southwest
But we've got Daytrotter
And you know it's the best

We always went to Lazer Mansion
For the underground shows
With kids from the future
They got inside out clothes

Straight sweating bullets
Takin' on these hills
Riding my bike
Through the city of mills

I got boats in both rivers
And I live in the valley
Always party at my house
Or at the park across the alley

Call us Quad Cities
Think we need a new tally
Got at least five or six here
Check with Rand McNally

When you cross our friends
You'll get ding dong ditched
We all smashed mail boxes
Till Jeremy Saunders snitched

When i see you in the drop top
Want to hit it on the dot
H 2 O - in balloons
Ready for the sling shot
Lean back
Got it cocked
Let it rip
You got rocked
Soaking wet
Don't act shocked
Got five more - I'm fully stocked

Buying burger baskets
At Bent River
Pints so cold
They make my ass shiver

So on hot summer nights
I over work my liver
Cuz their regular customers
Look just like The Giver

Now at the Hardee's classic
We'd shoot 12 under
And there is no other like
The Quad City Thunder

They say it’s not over till
The fat lady sings
And you never really know
What the new year brings

Cooler than the polar bear
At the Holiday Inn
Jumping' off the waterfall
Into the pool where we swim

I don't know where we're going
But I know where we've been
And we can always come back
To this town that we're in

It’s as tough as fuck
Living in Moline
Cuz the streets are paved
And the grass is green

L to the E
R to the O Y
This QC up bringing's what makes us so fly

New school flavor
With an old school sound
And the last ILL exit is
Where we came to get down

Banging 808 with a
Synthesized style
Helpful smile
In every isle

We’re like Blazin’ Hazen
And Girls Gone Wild
Didn't come to battle rap
Cuz we’re not hostile

We've come a long way
From the sandwich shop
But that’s where we got all
This shit to pop

[Nasty Nate]
We were building the dinners
And we were building the team
They closed down the store
But now we’re living the dream

Nobody came to eat
But we got paid to rap
Told it to the crew
And we got toes to tap

Seanye came with his skills
From System
Had a book of raps and
He brought it with him

So we come packing with
A ton of munition to get you
Blinded by the light
Like an eye condition

When we started out
Never said it’d be easy
Nasty said that
We got to take things sleazy

The SA-21
It's Original Nintendo's
Zilla's mixing beats
With sexy innuendos

[Nasty Nate]
We've been across the world
And across the nation
From Kansas City to union station

First Moline
Then down to Champaign
Now up in Chicago
Still spitting' rap game

Once you leave home
You can always come back
So I am making mad money
And a fat ass stack

Being professional
Keep my raps on the down low
But I got friends in my home town so

It's tough as fuck livin'
In Moline cuz the streets
Are paved and the grass is green

L to the E
R to the O Y
This QC up bringing's what makes us so fly


from Double Masterpiece, released October 18, 2011
Produced by Le Roy and Ray Malone.




Le Roy Chicago, Illinois

Le Roy (luh-ROY) is comprised of Zilla, Seanye “Bearclaw” West, and Nasty Nate. The troupe spreads their brand of nerdy and dirty rap from Chicago and at rock shows, radio hours, comedy nights, and house parties. Once described as "The White Run DMC” by Chicago Comedian Big Keef, Le Roy mixes old school flavors with a mash-up of 808 beats, pop-culture references and avant-garde lyrics. ... more

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