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from Double Masterpiece by Le Roy



The essential harvest time holiday as interpreted in the style of 2 Live Crew; Our cup overfloweth.


Start raising that beat
Just like a soufflé
We came to rock it out
In a old school way
Here’s a little story
About a brand new day
Founded by Nasty Nate, me
And Seanye
Now we got the beat
We got the rhymes
Start stamping on your feet
And we’ll hit it on time
Hip hip hooray
And tip up your cup
To all the fly ladies
That like to give it up
We know what we like
And this is our thanks
It’s a brand new holiday
For all the skanks

Happy Skanksgiving
It’s how a make a livin’
Pushing your buttons
Just like a television
Fuck you very much
I’d like to sneak a touch
And open your blouse
Like a china hutch

Schools on break
It’s Skanksgivng time
Let’s make some beats
And perfect our rhymes
Eat some meats
Drink some wines
Slam some girls with fine behinds

Eat that meat and drink our juices
We don’t mind if you are toothless
Let’s pull a train on your cabooses
This celebration is fucking ruthless

[Nasty Nate]
Oh shit girl - you’re gonna be stuffed
But if this is love then it’s gonna be tough
Train like a marathon, prepare that muff
Cuz this Skanksgiving is going to be rough

Be wearin’ sweatbands and
Be stretchin’ that shit
Don’t want a cramp
When I am wrecking it
Put a condom on my dick
That’s just like a zeppelin
Pops, then blows,
Sends bitches to heaven

I like my hoes like the Mighty Ducks
When I am watchin’ that shit
I’m ready to fuck
If my penis is Charlie
My balls: the Flying V
Three condoms on my dick
Means I’m the triple deak
If your snatch is Goldburg
Then it’s easy to see
That I’ve got plenty
Of pussy to feed
Trust me girl
There’s gonna be a sequel
Every Skanksgiving till you’re old a feeble

[Le Roy]
As long as you hold my dick
Like a hockey stick
Want my milk
And mix it with Quik
Drink my load
Until you get sick
Or pull it out
Before the picnic
Ya got Houdini
With the spit trick
Or protein eye patch
Just like Slick Rick
Doesn’t matter
How you mix it
It’s Skanksgiving
And it’s time we hit it

Happy Skanksgiving
It’s how a make a livin’
Pushing your buttons
Just like a television
Fuck you very much
I’d like to sneak a touch
And open your blouse
Like a china hutch

It’s Skanksgiving
Don’t take off work
You got two Christmas hams
Right down your skirt
If you got a man
I ain’t meaning to flirt
But how about a slice
For my dessert?

[Nasty Nate]
Tis the season
To harvest my seeds
And I understand
That you got needs
I don’t mean to beg
But come girl please
You’re making me large
Like redwood trees

So, let’s just see what
The main course brings
I’m carving the bird
And I’ll eat your wings
If you get the gravy
On my drum stick
I’ll call for the cool whip
And make you come quick
Pumpkin Pie
I’ll pump that pie
Have a sleep over
From Shanghai
Tub of cranberries
I’d love to try
It’ll hurt so good
Just don’t as why

Gave thanks for wampum
I give thanks
For the Trojan condom
Prayin’ at the table
Looking at them rolls
“Please don’t let my boys
Get through them holes”


from Double Masterpiece, released October 18, 2011
Produced by Le Roy and Ray Malone.




Le Roy Chicago, Illinois

Le Roy (luh-ROY) is comprised of Zilla, Seanye “Bearclaw” West, and Nasty Nate. The troupe spreads their brand of nerdy and dirty rap from Chicago and at rock shows, radio hours, comedy nights, and house parties. Once described as "The White Run DMC” by Chicago Comedian Big Keef, Le Roy mixes old school flavors with a mash-up of 808 beats, pop-culture references and avant-garde lyrics. ... more

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