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from Double Masterpiece by Le Roy



Set to the tune of a transformed classic love song, "Smile" chronicles Le Roy's misadventures in love from from the isles of the supermarket, to the paper-thin walls of a shared high-rise apartment, to a 9 foot high ceiling-adjacent bunk bed in a room that is taller than it is wide.


One and two and three and four
I've gotta smile every time
That I leave the door
I got six text messages
On my new iPhone
At least ten messages
From girlies on my dome

I am buying juice
and I am walking down the isles
Girlies girlies girlies
For my speed dials
I can T9 you
On S M S
Or maybe sixty-nine you
In the diary chest

Or if that don't work
Come visit me at my place
You can send n00dz
I got two accounts on myspace
dot com on the internet
I've never come on my TV set

So if you come to me
Asking about my stable
I am in my middle twenties
And I am willing and I am able

When you say stable
You're talking bout a girlfriend
I am talking about a stable
Of girlies that I am working

[Nasty Nate]
Girl you look good
You're cute young and reckless
You want to come over
I could cum you a necklace

I put on Daft Punk
And look into your eyes
I know I've got the green light
When you pull your panties to the side

But you can't start moaning
When I'm drilling you deep
Cuz my roommate's my sister
And my sister's asleep

I like your vertical smile
But no pounding at my place
You need help keeping quiet?
I could sit down on your face

And if you've got a cough
Got something better than Halls
Just lean back
I'll let you gargle my balls

That's not Vicks on your chest girl
That's just my wet spot
You'll need more than towel
Let me get you a sponge mop

My room is something special
Set up just like a tent fort
I crawl in with flashlights
In search of your meat port

It's like flying a plane
But I never learned to land
I might make a mess
But my dick's still on demand, oh!

When I see your smile
I think I've found my love
Here’s a one night membership
To the nine foot high club

So when you climb my latter
And drink my baby batter
I'll be fucking your black holes
Like my dick was dark matter

Gettin' nasty and wild
Fucking in my bunk bed
MJ on the poster wall
Tongue out straight up dunkin’

You know I can’t help
The way my smile shines
My braces made of metal
My blood stream full of wine

So let me put my braces
In your nasty places
Remember that ass
But I am bad with faces

Jim Henson is my hero
Cool as absolute zero
I put my fist in your ass
And let my beard grow

My whole body is hairy
Unlike Zac Efron's
Vanessa Hudgens' nudes
Drained my vas deferens

Been told my whole life
Not to procrastinate
So why apologize
When I ejaculate?


from Double Masterpiece, released October 18, 2011
Produced by Le Roy and Ray Malone. Additional instrumentation by Ray Malone.




Le Roy Chicago, Illinois

Le Roy (luh-ROY) is comprised of Zilla, Seanye “Bearclaw” West, and Nasty Nate. The troupe spreads their brand of nerdy and dirty rap from Chicago and at rock shows, radio hours, comedy nights, and house parties. Once described as "The White Run DMC” by Chicago Comedian Big Keef, Le Roy mixes old school flavors with a mash-up of 808 beats, pop-culture references and avant-garde lyrics. ... more

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