The Bird Song

from Double Masterpiece by Le Roy



I don't know who my boss is
I told a spider who Kate Moss is
This shit is flawless
I gave Lou Dobbs SIDS

Shave my balls cuz I'm adopted
Pet your cat if she's claw less
You should name her Lucy Lawless
I told you this shit is flawless

Can't dunk over tall kids
Take the time to pee in ball pits
Lost in John Locke's tits
Fuckin' molten rock schist

Millionaires eat Ritz
Bustin' nuts like Fritz
Hall and Oates best hits
Double disks - flawless!

Triple tri-fold wallets-Wallets
Triple tri-fold wallets-Wallets
Velcro tri-fold wallets-Wallets
Wallets, Wallets

[Nasty Nate]
Take my bike on day trips
Feed me bed and breakfasts
Got the laptop for the eclipse
Feed my dick some nip slips

I know a guy with two dicks
Holds a sign says "no fat chicks"
Getting snakebites pop your back zits
YouTube keyword "cute cat clips"

Triplet miscarriage hat tricks
Knit this sweater but it misfits
Mmm that shit fits
Hit it with my dick mist
Backflips till my nut sack rips
Jerking off to .gifs
Surely Harmless
My pilot harness
Smell my armpits

Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets
Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets
Velcro Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets
Wallets, Wallets

Got a croissant sandwich
With potatoes converted to chips
Gazpacho between your two hips
All between your two lips

I love buffets at banquets
Pot bellies
Fat wrists
Lady fingers with two dips
I like all the kinds
Of cool whips

Insulin pin pricks
Died twice like Nikki Sixx
Sausage links - waffle sticks
Broken Chain - Stevie Nicks

Batter for the cake fix
Snorting powered cake mix
Dick Blick's dick pics
Banana splits
Shitting bricks!

Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets
Triple Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets
Velcro Tri-fold Wallets-Wallets
Wallets, Wallets

Bacon Bits and cheesy grits
Eat this till my shoes don't fits
That don't fits? Lick my pits
I insist fits will fits
We subsist on lava pits
Burrito shits and cummy tits
Baseball mitts and Stella skits
Worn out wrists and breast milk hits


from Double Masterpiece, released October 18, 2011
Produced by Le Roy and Ray Malone.




Le Roy Chicago, Illinois

Le Roy (luh-ROY) is comprised of Zilla, Seanye “Bearclaw” West, and Nasty Nate. The troupe spreads their brand of nerdy and dirty rap from Chicago and at rock shows, radio hours, comedy nights, and house parties. Once described as "The White Run DMC” by Chicago Comedian Big Keef, Le Roy mixes old school flavors with a mash-up of 808 beats, pop-culture references and avant-garde lyrics. ... more

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